The department provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the services provided by Crafters. The engineers were trained at the highest level by the system manufacturers to carry out all maintenance and services in a professional manner.The department also provides its customers with preventive maintenance, comprehensive maintenance, and annual maintenance contracts. To reach projects to the top of success, it is necessary to recognize the importance of all stages from initial consultation to delivery. In this sense, Kravters developed the concept of "subgroups within the working group" to ensure that each stage of the project is managed by specialists in the required fields, Teamwork, supported and harmonized, makes maximum use of the capabilities and capabilities of the task forces, and provides the customer with unmatched levels of experience while maintaining the principle of one-party liability.

The equipment and systems available at the department allow it to provide systems that are suitable for most uses:

• Fire detection systems
• Suction systems
• Group call / voice alarm systems
• Central battery systems
• Water spraying systems, fire sprinkler systems, and proactive action systems
• Water spray systems
• Proportional distribution systems and foam workshops
• Fire hose systems and compressed water pipes
• Immersion systems
• Aerosol fire extinguishing systems
• Fire suppression systems in kitchen stoves
Founded in 2009 CRAFTERS is one of the independent company established in the State of Qatar, Headquartered in Doha. Crafters Company specializes in the maintenance and operation of buildings and engineering constructions including firefighting with a large period in the field of construction, maintenance and fire control, which is based on the basis of our specialized work.