Swimming pool maintenance is an integral part of pool hygiene, and that of Swimmer as well CRAFTERS maintenance services for swimming pools will provide a customized schedule for maintenance, after analyzing the average Swimmer load, climatic conditions and other such factors.

An ordinary maintenance visit involves the following steps:

• Test water – without adding chemicals until the maintenance schedule for that day is complete,
• Using net(s) to remove all leaves and other large debris from the pool.
• Using brush to remove dirt, algae, stains, or scale from the pool walls and floor.
•Clean all baskets - for the skimmer(s) and the pump.
• Vacuuming - remove any settled and remaining dirt, leaves or other debris from the pool
• Adding the necessary chemical(s) - from the test(s) taken earlier that day.
Founded in 2009 CRAFTERS is one of the independent company established in the State of Qatar, Headquartered in Doha. Crafters Company specializes in the maintenance and operation of buildings and engineering constructions including firefighting with a large period in the field of construction, maintenance and fire control, which is based on the basis of our specialized work.